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System requirements:

  • A Windows XP/Vista/7/8.x PC to run the utility
  • Groupwise 7.x/8.x/2012 client installation

  • Please make sure to press the "Refresh" button on the Google tab first to grant SyncJob the necessary Google permissions
  • This version contains extra debug logging. This will have an effect on the sync.log size and performance.
  • Upgrading from 1.3 is free of charge.

What's new in version (November 10, 2015):

  • Bug fix: In some cases multi-day appointment would get reduced to 1 day appointments. Made another fix for this problem.
  • Bug fix: In some cases SyncJob UI would show the command-line file as an extra link (with the username as link name). This problem has been fixed.
  • Change: The way that SyncJob determines whether an appointment should be deleted has changed. The last synchronization date is now stored in a different way. Please do a test run before you do an actual run.
Previous beta's:
  • Bug fix: Fixed the "Invalid or mismatching start and end times." problem that could occur when updating Google Calendar
  • Bug fix: In some cases multi-day appointment would get reduced to 1 day appointments after a few synchronizations. This problem should be solved now.
  • NOTE1: All configuration files are now read and written to the CONFIG folder. This includes the command-line tools, the tools will automatically look in this subfolder.
  • NOTE2: To update the scheduled task for SyncJob, you're advised to run SyncJobCalendarUI as Adminstrator and to dis- and re-enable the Scheduled Task.
  • Bug fix: All-day appointments that span multiple days are now correctly synchronized from Groupwise to Google
  • Bug fix: The appointent acceptance status was not correctly synchronized. As a result of this all invites were accepted by SyncJob. This has now been corrected
  • Bug fix: Groupwise Appointments can now be accepted or declined using Google Calendar again (e.g. on your mobile device).
  • Bug fix: Exceptions (errors) during synchronizations were ignored. Now these errors are properly logged and an error message is shown.
  • Bug fix: UI would get the Last Synchronization Date from the wrong location, creating unnecessary DAT files.
  • Change: All configuration files are now stored in the CONFIG folder. The only files not in there are the sync.log file and the license file.
  • Change: SyncJobRunner can now be launched using SyncJobRunnerW.exe, which hides any command windows that may pop up.
  • Change: Scheduled Tasks are now by default configured to use SyncJobRunnerW.exe. (Run SyncJobCalendarUI as Administrator to update existing tasks).
  • Change: SyncJob, SyncJobRunner will now leave an exit code of 1 (not 0) when an exception was caught during the synchronization.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a problem that caused permissions to be given twice when roaming setting was not used
  • Bug fix: Fixed a problem that broke the CLI version when roaming was not used.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a problem with reading certain appointments from Google with no reminders.
  • Bug fix: The nag for unregistered users was not always correct removed, resulting in unnecessary updates to Google
  • Bug fix: When SyncJob tries to updated a Google event that it cannot edit (e.g. Holiday), SyncJob will skip the event and no longer crash.
  • Change: Permissions files are now stored in the roaming settings folder when enabled.
    NOTE: If you are using romaing settings, please copy the permission files to your roaming folder to prevent SyncJob from (harmlessly) re-asking permission from Google.
  • Change: Groupwise debug information is now OFF. Google debug information is now ON. (This change was actually made in changelist 420)
  • Change: A warning is now shown when the the application close button is clicked while a synchronization run is still ongoing.
  • Change: All executables now are versioned
  • Change: Scheduled task can now run as SYSTEM again.
  • Bug fix: Some fixes in exception handling around the scheduled tasks
  • Change: Google permissions are now written to disk. This means that you have to reauthorize Google Calendar.
  • Bug fix: Scheduled Task is now created for user that's currently logged on, instead of SYSTEM. This is required now.
  • Bug fix: Scheduled task is no longer updated when the application is closed.
  • Change: The synchronization now takes place in a separate thread and does no longer use the GUI thread.
  • Change: Updated the Task Scheduler library.
  • This version is now called 1.4.1 BETA instead of 1.4.0 BETA.
  • Fixed the haning SyncJobCalendar.exe problem when using a Scheduled Task.
  • Fixed the 1-day synchronization problem, which would cause it to sync only today.
  • Now excludes Google Calendar appointments that end at the beginning of the sync horizon.
  • New feature: Now supports Google Calendar v3 with new authentication.
  • Change: Google Account passwords are no longer stored on disk (not needed anymore).
  • New feature: Temporarily provides Test Run checkbox which is ON by default. This run will not make any changes.
  • New Feature: Configurable synchronization horizon (licensed version only). The amount of days to be configured in the past and future can now be configured.
  • New Feature: SyncJob now also supports Subscribed Calendars and ignores incorrect folders.
  • Bug fix UI: Visualization of connector between GW and Google calendars now works better.
  • Bug fix Core: Made the recipient handling more robust: Recipients with only a DisplayName containing the e-mail address are now handled better.
  • Bug fix Core: The check whether an attendee is the current user ("you") was incorrectly case sensitive.
  • A lot of other small fixes to make SyncJob more stable and behave better is special situations.
Please share your experiences here: Support Forum 

Roadmap (subject to change)

  • One-way synchronization
  • Built in Timer (so no need to use scheduled task)

Please report issues to SyncJob Support.

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