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Starting version 1.3 SyncJob Calendar consists of three components

  •  SyncJob Calendar UI version: The "standard" Windows application.
  •  SyncJob Calendar CLI: The command line version of SyncJob for advanced users
  •  SyncJob Runner: The component that can initiate SyncJob Calendar synchronization runs for one or more users.

These components offer you a great variety of possible solutions. We'll show a couple of solutions here.

Standalone synchronizing

This is the most common and default use of SyncJob. You install SyncJob on your machine and you run it there either manually, and/or by planning a scheduled task to synchronize e.g. on an hourly basis. Your Synchronization Data is only use locally.

Synchronizing from several locations

This is a bit more advanced solution. You synchronize on two different systems e.g. at home and at work, or your personal PC and an "always on" system, to synchronize when your computer is switched off. In this case you want your SyncJob Synchronzation data to travel with you.

Synchronizing multiple users from a central location

This is quite advanced solution: You or your users use a local installation of SyncJob Calendar (UI) to set up the synchronization links and store their Synchronization Data on a central server. This server takes care of (e.g. scheduled) synchronization of all users combined.

Custom solutions

In case you need a custom synchronzation solution for you or your organization, such as (but not limited to):
  • Synchronization
  • between Groupwise or Google and another application.
  • Importing or exporting data from or to Groupwise or Google.
  •  Running SyncJob as a trusted application for your Groupwise server.
  • Enterprise / Domain licensing.
or any other custom synchronization solution, please contact us. We're happy to work with you on your challenges and help finding the best solution.

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